Bionova Medical

Bionova Medical


RECOVERY from Breathlessness Dizziness & Headaches Jet Lag & Air Sickness Sports & Fitness.

​WELL BEING Energy & Vitality Freshness & Longevity Mental & Physical Stress Smog & Air Pollution.

MEDICAL Conditions like Asthma & COPD
Sleep Apnea & Migraine Hypoxia & Hypoxemia Influenza & Emphysema OHS
and Others.

OXY99 - Portable Oxygen Can

OXY99 comes packaged in an Oxygen Can that can be used either with Spray or Oxygen Mask. 

OXY99 portable oxygen promotes well-being, improves mental fitness
and strengthens immune system.
We need oxygen for burning food at the cellular level that releases
energy used by the body for performing its tasks.

OXY99 can be used for treating patients suffering from COPD, respiratory diseases, alleviating high altitude sickness, etc.

OXY99 improves concentration, mental health, renews energy, strengthens immune system, delays ageing and assists in easier breathing